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Learn To Groom Your Own Dog


I am super excited to announce that I have been developing some ‘Learn to Groom your own Dog’ workshops. Perhaps you would love to be able to groom your own fur-baby in your own time at home, without the cost and pressure of finding appointments with your groomer – given the shortage of groomer in our area. Well, these workshops are for you!!

Do you:

Want to learn how to properly groom your own dog?

Want to know how to upkeep your dog in between grooms?

Have a stressed dog and wish you could groom them yourself?

Want to save money by grooming your own dog?

Live a distance from the groomer?

Struggle being away from your fur baby when it visits the groomer?

The workshops will be one on one with me, catering to you and your fur-baby’s individual needs. I will teach you all the basics to maintain your dog at home in the style you prefer, as well as give you guidance on purchasing suitable equipment.


The cost will be $350.00 for a 3 hour workshop (approx.) and this cost would soon be recovered by the reduced cost of grooming appointments over the lifetime of your dog.


Included in the cost of the workshop is your own Canine Cuts 'Learn to groom your own dog' workbook to take home. This workbook will be for you to fill in throughout your training with your own personalised notes to assist you with your future grooming.

Grooming your own dog can be a wonderful bonding experience as you build the trust of your beloved pooch while you pamper and give them your undivided attention! Whatever your reason, Canine Cuts can teach you all you need to know to groom your four-legged bestie.

By the end of your workshop you will have the knowledge to groom your own dog which will include some or all of the following ...

• How to properly bath your dog

• How to blow-dry your dog

• How to brush out your dog

• How to clip your dogs nails

• How to clean your dogs ears

• How to trim your dogs paws and paw pads

• How to tidy your dogs face

• How to clip around your dogs eyes

• How to do a sanitary clip (bottom etc.)

• How to trim or shave your dogs coat

• Equipment and tools required to do your own grooms and how to use them

• Maintenance of tools

Just BYO Dog (or dogs)! All grooming tools, equipment and products will be provided by Canine Cuts for your training session.  We will also discuss what tools and items you'll need to complete your dog’s grooms in the future, as well as where to purchase them from.


You're most welcome to bring along your partner/husband/wife/sister etc, or anyone else who may also groom your dog, and I'll teach you all. 

Request a Booking

If you're interested in one of our workshops, simply follow the link below and complete the form. We'll then be in contact shortly.

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